Smart Repair

Paintwork Scratches

We use the most up to date technology to create a precise match for the colour of your car, allowing us to create a factory finish each and every time.

Our paintwork repair process has been designed to be completed as quickly as possible, getting you back on the road in no time.

Minor Dent Removal

No matter whether your paintwork was damaged when your car was dented, we have numerous techniques for removing the dent.

Bumper Scuffs

From a painted finish to a textured finish, You’ll be pleased to know that no matter what type of finish you have, we can help get it back to pristine condition. Contact us today to get a quote about your bumper repair.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

When your polished or painted alloy wheels get scratched or kerbed, it can be frustrating. Our in-depth process has been designed to complete an alloy wheel repair as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Paintwork Rejuvenation

Have your vehicle machine polished and waxed to restore it back to its showroom finish.